Wearing Stuff: Simplicity

Summer is my favorite season for many reasons, but I think one might be how easy it is to throw something cute on. I live in shorts during the hot months, because they're so comfy, and so easy to make different looks with. I know this outfit is super basic, but that's not always a bad thing. I had also just gotten this new bag for my birthday so that made it a little more 'put together'. 

This was only a few weeks ago when I was on a trip to Kure Beach, NC. With the weather cooling down now, it just makes me wish I was still taking walks in the breezy beach air. I love autumn, and I'll embrace it, but not until it is official! We still have a week of summer left!

I also took advantage of the toy machines outside the local grocery store. Don't forget about those! I still get as excited about them as I did when I was little. They have some great scores sometimes, like these Adventure Time slap bracelets. It might be junk, but it feels like a treat. I'm big on bracelets, and the cheaper the better because they wear out quick since I never take them off. 

I have some more outfits from this trip to share, and then maybe I'll get back into the present and focus on more timely choices. Hopefully doing some stereotypical fall activities will inspire me. Hayride anyone?

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Thursday, September 18, 2014