DIY Owl Chain (from TP rolls!)


      Way back when I was in college, I worked at an uptown art and glass store for a crazy lady. (I mean that in an endearing way of course). One time I was helping her sort through this huge box of vintage necklaces she had gotten a good deal on, but they were all super tangled. She was looking for all the ones that had an owl pendants. "Owls are going to be big" she claimed. Well flash forward a few years and of course, owls are everywhere! And somehow I've been roped in, and my apartment is covered in them. 

      Now I'm not claiming the idea of using TP rolls to make owls. I've seen it done before, but mostly as a project for little kids, just coloring them or jazzing them up. Here I tried to make a more involved project with a home decor type of result. 

You'll need:
Toliet Paper Rolls (I used 5)
White Paint
Paint in the color of your choice
A foam brush (or a normal brush)
Scrap fabric or string/yarn
A paint marker

      The first thing you want to do is collect some rolls! Before you shape the ears, cut a nice size notch on opposite ends. This will help when you need to string the fabric through. Then fold down the sides, and shape them into pointy owl ears. 

      Then you want to paint the rolls white. This acts like a primer, and will help the color of your final paint really pop better. After they dry, paint the rolls in whatever color you like. I did 3 in a metallic silver, and 2 in a metallic gold. 

      I did some silly sketches just to prepare for drawing on the faces. Since I was using a Sharpie paint pen, I didn't want to blindly start drawing. I made a different face for each owl, but you can use the same face for them all. This is a very customizable project. :)

      After drawing on the faces, I went back over the lines a second time to help it stand out better. 

      Plan your attack with how you want the owls to line up, and how much space they'll have in between. I used an old curtain for my fabric, and just cut out one long strip. 

      Starting at the bottom owl, use a safety pin, or some kind of object to help reach the top of the owl through the bottom. You might have to open the folds a little bit to ease the fabric through. I used my fingers while doing this to keep the shape of the ears. Continue down the line until you reach the top owl. Tie a loop using the extra so you'll be able to hang the chain up. 

      Now hang those owls up! Originally I was aiming to hang this on a doorknob, but I made it too long, so I found a nice spot on the actual door itself. 

      It feels like owl themed stuff really gets popular in autumn, but owls are a year round thing around my place. So I'm sure these guys will hang around for awhile. Have fun with this easy project, you can totally change what material you use to chain them on, the color of the body and faces, and you could ever go horizontal and make a garland! Whatever your decision, I'm sure it will be a wise one. ;)

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