Easy DIY: Swear Jar

      Sometimes you just gotta slap something together and call it a day. I still don't really have a work space at the moment, but I hate to be unproductive on my days off. I've also been so uninspired lately as well. I went thru some of my old bookmarks and found something I've been meaning to make, and just so happened to have the materials needed.

      A swear jar! Haha, personally I don't use swear words and Christopher rarely curses either. This is just something to collect change in, with a little humor added to it.

      I think it's pretty obvious how to make this! I had some nice vinyl alphabet stickers and a cool jar on hand and that's all it took. 

      Now anytime we have visitors I'm sure they might be shocked at how many times we've had to add to the jar. ;) 

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Friday, January 30, 2015