Gram Dump: Feb 2015

      I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like this year is going by in a blur. It's only halfway through March but I feel like so much has happened this year! 

       I'm still so proud of Sparrow for being such a champ during our move and she really seems to enjoy our new space. She gets to birdwatch, and there's plenty of high windows and shelves for her to perch on. 

      I won't miss all the snow we had but that doesn't mean I hated it. We got 2 really nice snows days which we took long walks on. I love cities during a heavy snow. The most peaceful and calm they'll ever be.

      Got to make time for a nice brunch here and there. And a trip to Ikea right afterwards doesn't hurt either :) We got a ton of stuff there and it helped finish up a lot of things I was trying to accomplish in the new apartment. 

      My mom's dog Janey. I try to visit once a month but I didn't have a chance in February. At least next time the weather will be warmer. 

      I went to NYC with a friend to see a Broadway show, but I was a little more excited for some nerdier interests of mine. 

And finally, this happened this past weekend in March, but we adopted a doggy! His name is Laddie and he's such a sweetheart. Very good with Sparrow, not house trained but no accidents yet, and generally a calm and loving doggy friend. He defiantly requires much more attention than an independent cat does, but it's nice to go on walks and be more active. Like I said lots happening so far this year. Probably much more to come.

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