Hectic Holly Days

      I had the most eventful whirlwind of a holiday weekend. Between having a snow day before Thanksgiving, to going home, back to work, back home for a baby shower, to a xmas gift show, and back to work again, I'm certainly glad to have a chance to sit and reflect. I have a very nice Nikon camera that I took tons of photos with, but I think I captured some sweet moments with my iPhone as well. 

Finding time to decorate on the Snow Day.

Lunch feels more special on a snow day, no?

Making crafts too!

Sparrow always enjoys when we can stay home with her. (more treats!)

Home :)

Snail rolls!

A Thanksgiving mantel I threw together for my mom.

Being home means time spent with my baby cats.

Managed to squeeze in some time at Christmas Village. It was FREEZING. 

My convoluted plan to make it all work out.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday! Now to do it all again at Christmas! Oy vey :)

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014