Marimo 101: Easiest Pet Ever

I always daydream about having a little aquarium, and having lots of cute little fishes swimming around, happy and healthy, all thanks to me. But that's why it's a daydream, I would be a horrible fish owner who constantly forgets to feed/clean/ do the basics of taking care of them. And that's why a Marimo is so great! It's really one step up from a pet rock. No offense Marimo... at least you're alive! So if you're looking for a first pet for a kid, or just a little friend to have nearby, a Marimo is a great thing to get.

As for the basics, there's tons you can read online, but here are the main facts:
-They originate from Lake Akan in Japan, but are also found in Iceland and Scotland.
 -Rolling around on the bottom of the lake forms the round shape.
-They are commonly referred to as 'moss balls' but are actually algae.
-Marimo roughly translate to 'bouncy plant'
-They are considered good luck!

Etsy is a great resource for purchasing a Marimo, and cute containers for them. I personally got mine at a Petco where they are sold as natural filters for aquariums. 

Here is how I take care of my guy. But please don't judge me on how he looked when I set out to write about him...

      Ahhh! Sorry guy! You really should change the water every 1-2 weeks, but I had neglected him. But they are very resilient and he's fine. Really, the only way to kill them is if the water is completely evaporated, or if he was getting no light at all. Even lamplight is fine to use. And as long as the water never hits freezing, the temperature doesn't effect them in a bad way either.

      So I gave him a good, gentle rinse (tap water is fine) and cleaned out his bowl, but he's been in this bowl for almost 2 years now so I thought he was due for a change up. 

      I have a large collection of shells from various beach trips, so I picked out all the little ones, gave them a rinse, and found a wider, more square jar to use. I often see Marimo sold in jars with the lid shut, so it's no problem to do so. 

      That's so much better. I'm hoping the lid helps the water stay a little fresher longer, but I really just need to keep better track of him. But like I mentioned, unless you're trying to, it's going to be pretty hard to let these guys die. So if you're looking for a new type of plant, give this aquatic one a try. And maybe they'll bring a little luck your way. :)

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