Going, Going: Crummland Farms, MD

      It's not autumn until you get to do some sort of festive fall activity, am I right? I was so worried I'd spend another year not getting to do something this year, but we managed to squeeze in some time at a farm. I love farms, they're such a cute mini community. Everyone there was so friendly, and talked to us as though we were old friends. 

      The main reason we visited was to try out their excellent corn maze. This thing was hard! Couples beware! You will argue about where you are, and where to go. Haha, we did bicker, but we did end up finishing the maze. It took 2 hours! Yikes, they don't kid around. We had to cheat to find two of the checkpoints. One reason being, there was only one way to get to one, and you had to go right into the center of the maze. We would have never figured it out. The second reason being, we simply were running out of time.

      The sky was fairly overcast most of the time, but when the sun came out it was a beautiful experience. Especially when we made our way to the lookout bridge, and could see the entire maze, as well as the farm.  

      There was a lot of opportunity for some photo shoots. If you want to have some great autumn photos, try doing a corn maze, they make for a great background for portraits.

After we finally made our way out of that, there were still a lot of fun things to check out. They of course, had some animals to pet and see. The llama there had a baby she was nursing. Adorable. And I personally love goats, they have the best personalities. 

      We got to go down a huge slide, play in the hay, compete in the duck races, and generally enjoy the farm. A great day trip, I'm so glad we found the time to go. We didn't get to ride the tractor to the pumpkin patch, but we did go home with 2 pumpkins to carve. 

      If you're in the Maryland area, check out Crummland farms for sure. They also have scary attractions there once the sun goes down. Maybe next year :)

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