Going, Going: Knoebels

      Summer has always been that cliche season where you get all your vacations in and done. I think all the seasons deserve that treatment, (maybe not winter though) even if you're just taking a mini-vaca, or a quick day trip. Here's one of my cliche summer trips, the old standard, a visit to an amusement park.

      Sometimes I think of Knoebels as a secret, other than family and childhood acquaintances, no one has ever seemed to have heard of it. It's deep in the central Pennsylvania mountains, situated in the actual woods themselves. That might seem odd, for an amusement park to be in a forest, but it provides some much needed shade from the summer sun. And makes it just that much more unique. 

      I've been coming here since I was very little! Knoebels has always been free admission to enter. No long lines waiting just to enter the park, you just stroll in. All the rides take tickets, purchased at little old fashioned ticket booths. 'Old Fashioned' is probably the best way to describe this park, but don't confuse that for being lame, or just for little kids. They have plenty of coasters, and thrill rides. I always enjoy the two wooden coasters, The Phoenix and The Twister, though I haven't tried the newest one, The Flying Turns. It's currently the only wooden bobsled coaster in the US (possibly the world?). 

      My favorite thing about coming here isn't just the rides, it's all the little details. The rides aren't just fun, they're beautiful. There's always neat additions to find and discover. I love this lion water fountain, and my old friend, Nessie can be found in one of the camp playgrounds right outside the park. 

      This was actually on my birthday, so it was a really fun and awesome day. I try to come here once every few years. Not much changes, but sometimes when you want to go back to childhood memories, that's exactly what you want! If you live or visit the Northeast, try giving this blast from the past a chance. 

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